post-illness-relaxation-scribbles, about an hour of work

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Joel & Ellie

Watch the speedpainting here

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work in progressssss!

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Painted in Photoshop CS6 with a Wacom Intuos Pro
Reference shot by the wonderful Romain Duquesne

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Watch the painting process here!

Reference credit to

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n e s t

reference credit to

watch it being painted

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Alice ~ digital painting using reference, Photoshop CS6
Ref. credit to Peter Coulson

Something soft to start off the week

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Digital painting of Fei Nell

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Frances Tomei, painted in Photoshop CS6 on a Wacom Intuos Pro.

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Free brushes I just made ~ download!

If you make something awesome with them, send me a link to it in my ask box! :D

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Screencap study for another Thirteen commission :)

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Another commission WIP.

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Commission WIP

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