Poor Huell :(

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4 Days Out

Digital painting, 5 hours in Photoshop CS6

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Digital painting, Photoshop CS6.

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“These are great green beans, Mrs White. I like that you got the slivered almonds going, Mom always made them like that. You put lemon in there too?”

“They are from the deli at Albertsons.”

“Good work on your shopping then because these are choice.”

Digital painting, Photoshop CS6

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Yeah, bitch! ~ society6.com/imorawetz

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HD wallpaper free to download right here :)

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The final poster (first version)! Buy it here.

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5 of 8 done! Getting there. These last three are going to be INTENSE. Like holy shit.

Added number 6/8: Ozymandias!

Added 7/8: Granite State.

And finally: Felina. This has been enormously satisfying and the feedback I’ve received throughout the process has been truly wonderful. One day I’ll paint something for every episode.

Poster coming soooon.

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"FeLiNa" 5x16

Having watched the last three episodes while dealing with illness, I don’t think the fact that Breaking Bad was ending had quite sunk in. It hit me hard while painting this.
Farewell, W.W, it’s been an absolute pleasure.

Fullres | Prints available here.

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The beginning of something special; early stages.

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Process of my piece for Granite State, showing how I utilize grids!

I lay my base colours down with a relatively soft brush and then go keen with the rough dry brushes. Then at the end I add a variety of realistic textures on top.

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"Granite State" 5x15

One to go now. Shit is getting real. Lost track of the hours put in, all I know is I finished the rest of an audiobook so it must have been a while.

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Preview of the final poster, it’ll be roughly 76cm in height. Woo!

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